Thursday, May 15, 2008


Silver Fox has now made 3 trips to Brooklyn Flea: New York City's newest and largest flea market. The mix of vendors has morphed into a decorators wonderland. Everything from reconfigured chairs to vintage and antique furniture and collectibles. There are quite a few artists and loads of new designer and vintage clothing as well. The initial uproar over the "onezies" has disappeared. It's definitely a destination. Though nothing compares in terms of atmosphere to AT THE WAREHOUSE, Brookly Flea does have a great energy. The crowds are between 6,000 and 8,000 on a Sunday. We are looking to our next trip in June when we bring down some of the new wrought iron and furniture.

Silver Fox Enterprises New Stock

Silver Fox Enterprises just got in a truck load of antique wrought iron gates that came from London, England. They come in various sizes and shapes, single or pairs and about 40 pieces total. Prices start from $120.00. They can make a great headboard or garden decoration. Drive by our lot and see them hugging the fence. Soon they will be placed on the website at .