Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At The Warehouse Expanding Outdoor Market

Starting the first weekend in June 2009, the outdoor lot facing N. Ferry street will be transformed into a weekend Flea Market. Plans are to install 10 to 12 mini storage bins to accommodate vendors who wish to return weekly. The name for this new venue: ALBANY Flea, of course. You can follow the progress on the new website

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not The Mall, and proud of it.

The Vendors At The Warehouse are not your everyday sales clerks. When you browse our unique and friendly environment you are talking to the creators of the lovely handcrafted products that you are admiring.

Stop at The Dreaming Lion. Allison will tell you how she handcrafts the beautiful dream catchers that are inspired by her mothers Native American heritage.

Talk to Mauri at Sistah's vintage aprons. Mauri has designed her products to represent different decades of American history. her aprons have names and she will introduce you.

Jules and Cindy of Bee's on Earth will invite you to sample honey from Albany bees. Honey that Urban Beekeepers Cindy and her husband Ken harvest from the hives that they keep.

Lars Turin will talk to you about the physical and creative processes that it takes to complete one of his fabulous bowls.
Bonnie, Becky and Ella at The FamiLee Jewels can tell you the story of the jewelry that interests you....what it's made of and what inspired it, because they make it themselves.

Andrea will be knitting or crocheting as she explains the benefits of her beautiful hats and scarves.

Taquiah's enthusiasm for her herbal and floral body lotions and oils is hard to resist. She believes in Body and Soul products because she makes them.
At The Warehouse also offers locally grown and bottled specialty food items including Sundaes Best fudge sauces, Spacey Tracey pickles, mustard and olive oil from Cascade Mountain Wineries and Dominick's organic pasta sauces.

Camille and Fred can tell you where they found all the wonderful antiques and salvage items that they sell in the Warehouse.

Meet Amy Pollicino the staff artist responsible for many of the embellished items sold by Silver Fox .

Visit At The Warehouse this last shopping weekend before Christmas. You will be pleased to find high quality, artisan produced goods sold in a unique and friendly environment.
By the way bring your appetite, because Tom and Nicole of Sophisti-Catering have been making some fabulous soups and breads for their cold weather menu.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weathering The Financial Storm

Like a huge grey cloud in the distance, reaching towards the upper limits of the atmosphere, we know the storm isn't far away. That's how the current financial crisis is for those not affected yet. Though twinges of it have hit AT THE WAREHOUSE, I don't think we have felt the impact of other businesses. What can we do to keep the people coming. I have a few suggestions. First, staying unique and evolving to fit the times. Let customer know that most of what is found there can only be found there, whether it's jewelry, furniture, local honey, custom made aprons, or antiques. If you want jewelry everyone else is wearing, then the mall is for you. Keep prices reasonable. Money is tighter than ever and value is appreciated. Remain friendly and engage the people who come in. Not to lure them to your booth, but to find out how they heard of us. Let them know about the place and that food is available. Then let them wander. Our silent policy has always been not to be a "car salesman." See what it did to the big three? Just kidding. And always remember to promote the place. If every vendor can attract two new people per month, our growth will be noticed. Take some flyers and find a local spot to leave them (with permission). Thanks. Fred

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 Days Until Christmas

At The Warehouse can help you with your Holiday shopping. Our unique vendors sell quality handcrafted items that are locally produced.

Honey it's cold outside so heat things up with one of Body and Soul's silky sweet smelling body wash and lotions. They come in an array of scents such as kiwi, cucumber melon and mango madness. Gift sets are available for the Holidays. bath oils and bodywashes set in beautiful bottles provide just the sparkle to say I love you.

The FamiLee Jewels invite you to shop their selection of wire wrapped and beaded jewelry for the ladies on your list. They are including special holiday packaging for a beautiful presentation.

Carol Kovler's Christmas Narcissus packaged in collectible pottery would make a great hostess gift. Just add water and grow.

Book's from Bluebird Bookshop make excellant stocking stuffers.

Andrea's knitwear is perfect for cold winter weather. Stop in and get a warm and cozy crocheted hat or scarf for yourself or your little one. Andrea has fruit an veggie hats made from super thick acrylic yarn-totally cute and completely washable. She also offers brand new and great for gift giving- felted soaps. A bar of handmade soap is felted into a small pouch. The wool is hypoallergenic and makes a great exfolliant, plus it shrinks with the soap so it's always a perfect fit.

Avoid the mall and shop in a fun and friendly atmosphere with plenty of up close parking and products that are sure to please.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comments From The Owner

It's been 1 1/2 years since we opened AT THE WAREHOUSE in June of 2007. Since then we have had a diverse group of vendors. Some have moved on, others have been moved, some have grown, others have stagnated. It's the norm for any market. We are always hoping the vendors are successful; however, what determines that is so complex that it's hard to pinpoint the reason(s) for success or lack of it. Clearly there are three important factors: traffic, attitude and getting the word out. However, if the product isn't desirable then all the traffic will not result in exceptional sales. To that end we jury new vendors and their product.

Regarding the traffic, we had hoped that by now the crowds would be steadily increasing and predictable. Every week we get new people; but why don't we see more regular customers? We had been hoping to attract several hundred each Saturday and Sunday. We have a regular distribution of our flyer to hotels, ads in Metroland, and are listed in the Sunday Driver antiques directory which is found throughout the state. Other advertising venues, including local magazines were not found to be worthwhile. We have had probably more local newspaper coverage than most businesses with articles in the Times Union, Metroland, Business Review, Spotlight and Capital Region Living Magazine. Silver Fox has been getting 3,500 hits to the website monthly and is steadily on page two of a Google search.

Are there any opinions out there to enlighten us about the traffic issue? We welcome it. Our goal has always been to make this a great local destination.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

At The Warehouse November 22-23

Win tickets to Capital Reps production of Striking 12. The 50Th person to come through the Warehouse doors on Sat, Nov 22, will win 2 tickets to the production, to be used at the winner's convenience (any time between Dec 5, 08 - Jan 4, 09).

Terri Faul will be teaching her stained glass ornament class on Saturday. Stop by and see the beautiful creations that the students will be making.

Gemmesduterre will be with us this weekend Stop by and see Sharon and Katie's latest gemstone creations.

The FamiLee Jewels are offering special gift packaging for your Holiday purchases.

At The Warehouse would like to welcome our newest vendor Body and Soul By Taqiyyah Body and Soul caters to the wellness needs of the human body and soul! Body and Soul's products include spa products and services. Taqiyyah Abdur-Rahman believes that women should rediscover their inner beauty as well as the outer. She is passionate about health and wellness and invites you to improve your quality of life by utilizing Body and Soul's principles and techniques.
Body and Soul is also available for your special events such as weddings, showers, dinner parties and midnight picnics. If you can dream it Taqiyyah can create it.
On December 13Th there will be a Body and Soul Extravaganza time 6PM till 9 tickets are on sale now for 20$ and go up to 25 next week. There is limited seating so call now for ticket info. 495-9106. You may also purchase a ticket at the warehouse on sat and Sundays there will be a light fare and great music featuring one of the hottest belly dancers around have a ball with a session of What To Do , What To Do!

Experience the Ancient Art of the Kama Sutra And Show your stuff! When you team up to sing the greatest love songs "Open the doors of your imagination and Experience The Difference!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 15th is Buy Local Day

This winter At The Warehouse is helping the local food pantries of the capital district with a food and sundries collection box and by selling their 2009 calendars (10$ suggested donation).
The calendars, called Recipes from Our Favorite Capital District Chefs make a great gift. They feature beautiful photography and the recipes to go with the featured items.

Saturday November 5Th is Capital District Local Firsts Buy Local Day.
They will be celebrating the day and the start of the Holiday Shopping season with their 2ND annual Buy Local Bash from 5-9 PM at the Sanctuary for Independent Media 3361 6Th Avenue, North Troy, New York. It promises to be an exciting event that showcases local businesses like At The Warehouse.

This month Bluebird Books, get 20% off book purchases over 10 dollars. Local teachers will receive a 40% discount. Sale ends November 30Th and does not include notebooks.

Teri Faul will be offering a stained glass ornament workshop Saturday November 22nd from 1-5 p.m. Spend an afternoon cutting glass. Foil and solder your own ornament under the expert guidance of a professional stained glass artist.

Teri has been working with glass for 15 years. Her work is on exhibition in the Faculty Student Gallery at the Arts center of the Capital Region. Teri regularly demonstrates her craft and sells her beautiful stained glass creations At The Warehouse.
Preregistration for the ornament class is required.

The FamiLee Jewels invite you to come in and see their new sterling silver spoon rings. The rings are made of baby spoons and demitasse spoons that have been hammered into a new form and inscribed with an inspirational word. Each ring is a dramatic piece of jewelry. They are part of The FamiLee Jewels Salvaged Style Collection.

While you are visiting At The Warehouse this weekend make sure to stop and look at the recently acquired life sized soft sculpture named Einstein. Warehouse cat Salvage has claimed his lap as her new favorite place to snooze.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In preparation of the Holiday Season

Saturday is November 1st.

The leaves are brown and falling, Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday night and the Holidays will soon be upon us.

Consider "Mallternative" shopping At The Warehouse for your Holiday and gift giving needs.

At The Warehouse and Silver Fox Architectural Salvage have a large, ever-changing variety of salvage, antiques and vintage collectibles, while Silver Fox Home Decor offers one of a kind home decor items designed from reclaimed architectural elements and other fantastic finds. Many have been painted by resident staff artist Amy Pollicino.

Shop with local artisans and know that you will receive great service and quality handcrafted products in a unique and friendly atmosphere all while supporting your local economy.

Sistahs Vintage Aprons has a supply of sassy new half aprons in saucy Holiday prints.

Lars Turin's One of a kind Art pottery pieces make a fabulous gift.

Ethan Turin's original paintings are also displayed in his studio space.
Unique Expressions by Marybeth Gardner offers braided wire and semiprecious jewelry as well as hand painted glassware and Christmas ornaments.

The FamiLee Jewels invites you to stop in and explore their new Salvaged Style collection. They are also featuring wood turned wine bottle stoppers, birdhouses, key rings and pens made by woodcrafter Fred Lee.

Bluebird Books has a large selection of gently read children's literature. Laura also offers lovely handcrafted gifts for children-all created by Albany artists.

Consider a collection of photographs by photographer Susan Ruscitto.

Center Square Honey makes a beautiful gift reflecting the golden colors of Autumn. Try the seasonal honey or Spun Honey. Cindy and Julie have a great selection of beeswax tapers and votives, honey dispensers, lip balm and sugar scrubs.

Other local specialty foods include Spacey Tracy's pickles, Sundaes Best Hot Fudge sauce, and 100% certified organic olive oil from Cascade Mountain Wineries.

Talk to Tom and Nicole Lynch of Sophisti-catering about your Holiday parties. Lunch, Cocktails, or Dinner, home or office, sit down or buffet, Sophisti-catering has a delicious variety of meals to choose from. Sample their goodness by having lunch in the Artifacts Cafe while you are visiting.

open weekends 10-3
At The Warehouse
20 Learned St.
Albany, NY 12020

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Resident artist Amy Pollicino, At The Warehouse

Meet Amy Pollicino, staff artist for At The Warehouse and Silver Fox Enterprises. Amy is a fine artist and muralist who has done many of the works of art that you will see around the warehouse.

Amy paints vintage and antique mirrors, columns, doors and old piano parts to enhance a line of home decor made from salvaged material.

She is inspired by the work of master artists, antique lithographs, detailed photographs, and the natural world around us.

A walk around the Warehouse will show you a door and a large column painted in tribute to Gustav Klimt, cabinet doors with lifelike images of birds and foliage, a mirror with koi swimming on it and landscapes on molding and mirrors. Amy's work is bright and distinctive. You can often see her at work on a project when you visit At The Warehouse weekends from 10-3.

In other news:

Sean O'Connor will be teaching a Beginners Cheese Making Class featuring a fresh mozzarella cheese demonstration Saturday October 25Th 1-4 PM At The Warehouse. Cost is $25 a person. Preregistration is appreciated but not required. You may contact Sean at 892-6701 or At The Warehouse at 431-0606.

Apothecary Rose Shed will be closing it's At The Warehouse store October 25Th. Stop by and stock up on herbs and spices for you winter and Holiday meals. Richard and Margaret have special sale prices on their remaining merchandise.

The FamiLee Jewels invite you to stop in and view our new line of Salvaged Style Jewelry.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Upcycle, Restyle and Repurpose

Upcycle, Restyle, Repurpose...............Whether your intentions are green, decorative or artistic At The Warehouse is home to many opportunities for those with the imagination to look with a different eye. Take a walk around At The Warehouse and you will see many examples of such imagination.

There are farm tables made of salvaged columns and old silo wood, trimmed out with molding stripped from buildings scheduled for demolition.

You will see old wooden picture frames painted and given new life as a mirror.

Odds and ends of decorative molding and hardware have been turned into hanging shelves and racks.

Keys from an old piano become a decorative statement when grouped in a pleasing manor.

Antique cabinet hardware is incorporated into Salvaged Style Jewelry.

Pieces of a stained glass window are used to frame a mirror.

Take a walk around At The Warehouse and let your imagination take flight.

In other news:
Sean O'Connor will be teaching a Beginners Cheese Making Class featuring a fresh mozzarella cheese demonstration Saturday October 25Th 1-4 PM At The Warehouse. Cost is $25 a person. Preregistration is appreciated but not required. You may contact Sean at 892-6701 or At The Warehouse at 431-0606.
Apothecary Rose Shed will be closing it's At The Warehouse store October 25Th. Stop by and stock up on herbs and spices for you winter and Holiday meals. Richard and Margaret have special sale prices on their remaining merchandise.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Treasure Hunting At The Warehouse

Call it salvage, antiques, restoration supplies, artifacts, reclaimed stuff, or other peoples junk but the search for a perfect piece of the past is like a treasure hunt.
Bonnie Lee of The FamiLee Jewels has been poking around At The Warehouse since she joined as a vendor there a year ago. She loves to locate decorative brass work, antique findings and vintage jewelry.
The FamiLee Jewels is proud to announce the release of her new jewelry line Salvaged Style. Bonnie repurposes her treasures to create jewelry highlighting the natural patina of the found items.
Dramatic and smart each Salvaged Style creation is one of a kind.
The FamiLee Jewels is a local artisan jewelry business in Malta, New York. It's 3 generations of artisans design and create beaded and wire sculptured jewelry using ancient techniques and a variety of beads and gemstones from around the world.
You may see Salvaged Style jewelry in their weekend kiosk At The Warehouse 20 Learned Street Albany New York and online at

Other Warehouse News:
Teri Faul's lovely stained glass pieces remain on display at The Arts Center of the Capital Region through December 26Th.
Apothecary Rose Shed has all you herb and spice needs for fall weather treats. Don't forget the mulling spices for hot cider and wine beverages.
Sophisti-catering has broken out the soup tureens! Try their flavourful soups with salad or sandwich.

Happy Birthday Buzzy!!!!! Have fun at your Birthday party.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn At The Warehouse

Crisp nights and the warming colors of leaves are telling us that Autumn is in the air.
Sweater weather.
Picking apples.
Sipping hot cocoa.
Fires in the fireplace.
Football games, raking leaves and running through the corn maze.
At The Warehouse has a lot to offer for your Fall activities.
Your fresh picked apples will look great in a bowl handcrafted by Lars Turin.
Decorate that new sweater with earrings or a watch from The FamiLee Jewels.
Recharge by drinking Good Leaf Tea sweetened with Center Square Honey from Bees on Earth after you rake those leaves.
Pack your tailgate party picnic basket with delicious soups, salads and sandwiches from Sophisti-Catering.
Fill your home with the great scent of cinnamon and other spices. The Apothecary Rose Shed has fresh herbs and spices as well as a variety of dried fruits for your baking needs.
Look great while you are in the kitchen with a Vintage style apron from Sistah's.
Sip Cascade Mountain Wines while you relax by the fireplace.
Make a beautiful fall bouquet with flowers from Carol Kovlers garden.
Bluebird Books is offering 20% off to teachers in the month of September.
Silver Fox has great new salvage and antique furniture items.Stop by and check out what's new in the warehouse.
Teri Faul will be exhibiting her work at The Arts Center of the Capital Region opening Friday September 26Th through December 26Th. Visit Teri and view her spectacular stained glass art during Troy Night Out from 5-9PM.
Business for sale:
Established bulk spice business for sale. Run for 6 years by it's current owner. Great home Internet business with a weekend kiosk At The Warehouse. Contact Richard at Apothecary Rose Shed and Spices-R-Us at 1 800-393-9571 or for details.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This weekend At The Warehouse 9/20-21/2008

At The Warehouse, North Albany's only year round multifunctional marketplace is a unique "Mallternative" shopping experience. Our friendly artisans and craftspeople man their own business spaces and kiosks, so you are purchasing handcrafted items directly from the hands that created them.

Mauri Lewis of Sistahs designs and creates the vintage style aprons that she sells. Each apron style has its own name--unique to the time period that inspired it.

Ella, Bonnie, and Becky of The FamiLee Jewels create each of the pieces that is sold in their shop. Each piece of jewelry is a unique expression in wire, gemstones, and a variety of beads from around the world.

Lars Turin coaxes his One Of A Kind Art from raw clay. You can see him work on his incredible pottery pieces when you visit At The Warehouse.

Carol Dratch Kovler hand ties all of the macrame necklaces and plant hangers that she sells in her store. The seeds and flowers that she sells come from her own gardens.

Alyson of Dreaming Lion Tarot handwork's her unusual dream catchers, each one is inspired by the natural world around us.

Terri Faul demonstrates her stained glass artwork as she sells it.

Cascade Mountain Winery bottles the wines that they sell.

The bees that produce the honey for Bees On Earth live in Ken and Cindy's back yard.

The Good Leaf blends their own tea.

Sample some of these great local products on you next visit.

At The Warehouse is pet friendly. We have a warehouse dog named Dutch and a warehouse cat named Salvage. Dutch is the official greeter and salvage watches from the counter while your treasures are being tallied (unless she is napping...........a very common occurrence).

Laura of Bluebird Books is giving a 20% off book discount to teachers during the month of September.

A frequent customer of At The Warehouse had company from out of town last weekend. They ordered Quiche and salads from Tom and Nicole of Sophisti-catering. The guests raved! Make the food for your next event delicious and easy by ordering from Sophisti-Catering's extensive menu.

Stained glass artist Teri Faul will be teaching classes in stained glass work at The Arts Center of the Capital Region from September thru December.

At The Warehouse will be having a Garage Sale. Dates to follow.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Live Music At The Warehouse

I received a letter from ASCAP, one of three companies that represent the music industry. It appears that they are going after the smallest of venues: coffee shops, markets, private businesses including camps (for singing around the campfire), and more. You should Google ASCAP and see all the complaints. They tried to go after the Girl Scouts but that backfired as the artists complained (I guess they stated to look like money grubbing performers out to make a buck on a bunch of girl scouts singing around the campfire). That's a sign of the times since CD sales are down and top performers are looking for any revenue they can get (not to mention ASCAP which gets about 10-15% if the over 1 billion they take in). What they are legally entitled to is royalties. They get a minimum of $10.00 per live performance for a venue our size. Once ASCAP gets there's, then BMI and other one will come for their share. The fines imposed by the courts are out of proportion to the offense with fines in the thousands per song. Many a small door have eliminated live music because of this. We see no alternative other than ending the live music. I'll be informing the

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shop for Back to School At The Warehouse 8/16-17

Blue Bird Books is At The Warehouse's own children's book store. Blue Bird offers affordable, gently read, used children's books in a child and pet friendly environment. Its not too late to take advantage of Bluebird's summer free book offer. Laura says bring in your summer reading list to get a free book (up to $2.50 value). Offer ends August 31st.

Blue bird Books also has locally handcrafted gifts for children including totes, craft aprons and hats.
Shop for back to school At The Warehouse Albany's year round multifunctional Marketplace. Consider us the "Mallternative" that will help you get ready in style.

Carol Dratch-Kovler offers handcrafted notebooks and papers as well as macrame jewelry.

Stop by The FamiLee Jewels to find a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings to match your new school clothes. Fred's turned wooden pens are back in a variety of hardwood designs.

Apothecary Rose Shed now carries a wide variety of dried fruits. They include cherries apricots, dark and green raisins, pineapple, cranberries, crystallized ginger, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes and Richard's latest addition sun-dried Fuji apples a treat both tart and sweet that would be perfect for lunchbox or afternoon snack.

Stock up on teas at The Good Leaf tea shop. Michelle and Joe tell us that tea is a healthy alternative to soda and coffee. When you drink tea you are offering yourself a pleasant indulgence that promotes health, vitality and well-being. They offer 70 varieties to choose from.

To sweeten your tea Bees on Earth has both summer and autumn honey ready for your use. Cindy and Julie can tell you all about the bees, the hives and the health benefits of eating local honey.

In other news:
Cindy Barclay and Bees on Earth and Center Square Honey are in the news again. The August edition of Life@home a Times Union publication features the bees the business and the Barclay's, in an article called Let There be Bees on Earth.

Ethan and Lars Turin have entered their piece called Impact in a juried show in Burlington Vermont. The show is part of Art Hop September 5-6. You can view this stunning work of art at under installations.

At The Warehouse is collecting school supplies for Shepherds Purse and organization that helps children to succeed in school. You can leave your donations in the basket at the center kiosk.

Summer Holiday At The Warehouse will be closed the weekends of August 23-24 and August 30-31. Our vendors will return the weekend of September 6-7.

This weekends entertainment will be provided by Tom Keller on Saturday and Mike Thomas on Sunday.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 9-10 At The Warehouse

Silver Fox Architectural Salvage and Home Decor is becoming THE place to shop for your remodeling and decorating needs. Silver Fox is a consistent presence in Google searches for architectural salvage products as people from all over the country discover it's offerings.
Silver Fox finds it's impressive salvage items in old homes, churches and schools, rescuing these pieces of the past from demolition.

At The Warehouse is a fabulous backdrop for a constantly changing array of stained glass windows, fireplace mantels, unusual doors and windows, lighting fixtures, columns, posts and corbels.

In a recent walk around the Warehouse I saw wrought iron gates, carousel horses, seats from the Heywood Wakefield Movie Theater, a huge bellows, an impressively ornate pot belly stove and huge verdigrised copper dormer pieces from the Carnegie Mansion.

Silver Fox also carries antique furniture and their own line of home decor items that have been made of pieces of salvage.

Custom farm tables made of salvaged wood with porch post legs and antique trim stand next to doors and columns painted by staff artist Amy Pollicino. Antique surgical tools sit beside boxes of old vinyl records, doornobs and vintage jewelry. Oriental rugs hang from the ceiling and over banisters. A 1970's John Wayne doll sits on a pressed back oak chair from the 1920's.

Throughout the Warehouse hang Photography & Paintings for Sale by Artists: Ethan Turin, Jackie Conkling, Vincent Popolizio, Susan Ruscitto, Sara Griffith, and Amy Pollicino.

Weekends At The Warehouse you will find artists and specialty food vendors in kiosks throughout the building and a friendly atmosphere seasoned with live music from 11-2.

The FamiLee Jewels represents 3 generations of artisans crafting beaded and wire sculpted jewelry.

Sistahs offers vintage styled and custom made aprons.

Macrame & Fiber work by Carol Kovler sells macrame', handmade Paper, decoupàge, and pressed Flower Frames.

“One of a Kind Art” by Lars Turin features Fine Art Pottery,Ceramic Sculpture, & Functional Pieces.

KG Concepts offers Handcrafted Wooden Décor & Home Accessories.

Browse Bluebird Books for Gently-Used Children's Books at Great Pricesand Contemporary, Hand-Knitted Wearable Items.

Watch stained glass demonstrations by Terri Faul.

Unique Expressions by Mary Beth Gardner sells Braided Wire &Semi-Precious Jewelry and Hand-Painted Glassware.

Dreaming Lion Tarot has used and cleansed tarot decks, hand-made bags and pouches, personally crafted dream catchers and other metaphysical tools and items.

Specialty food vendors include The Good Leaf Tea, Sophisti-catering, Spacy Tracy's Pickles, Cascade Mountain Wineries, Four brothers Goat Dairy, Bees on Earth, Apothecary Rose Shed, and Sundaes Best.

This weekends entertainment will be provided by Marty Mcdermott on Saturday and Matt Durfee on Sunday.

At The Warehouse will be closed the weekends of August 23/24 and August30/September 1.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Silver Fox Enterprises Architectural Salvage Page 1

Through sheer interest, Silver Fox Architectural Salvage has managed to move to page 1 and page 2 (bouncing back and forth) when you search "architectural salvage" on Google. Considering there was never any Search Engine Optimization, it's quite a feat. It appears more and more people are hearing about them and searching their webiste and inventory. Calls and emails are coming in from South Carolina to the mid west. Let's hope they stay on page 1 and bring more visitors to At The Warehouse.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joe Yoga.......At The Warehouse July 27Th

This Sunday July 27Th, 2008 from 12 noon until 3 PM Peter Heffernan-Certified Yoga Instructor will be giving a free introduction to Joe Yoga which he describes as Yoga for everyday folks.

Peter presents the practice and benefits of Yoga in a light-hearted yet empowering way. All ages and shapes are welcome. The 30 minute demonstrations encourage participation but it is not required.

Donations to Habitat for Humanity will be gratefully accepted.

At The Warehouse welcomes new permanent vendor Alyson of Dreaming Lion Tarot. You can find Alyson next to Bees on Earth.

At The Warehouse welcomes stained glass artist and instructor Terri Faul. Terri will be demonstrating and exhibiting her work. You can find Terri's studio area one space down from Bluebird Books.

Tiana Maron NYS licensed Massage Therapist will be offering chair and table massage at a price of $1.00 per minute. Tiana donates 25% of her proceeds to The Domestic Violence Center at Unity House. Tiana will be located in the Dance Studio.

This weekends entertainment will be provided by Marty McDermott on Saturday and by Mark Davenport on Sunday.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

At The Warehouse...Albany's great little secret!

At The Warehouse on 20 Learned Street in Albany is a great weekend destination. If you have heard of At The Warehouse but don't know where to find it, here are some directions.

It is located in North Albany on the corner of Learned and North Ferry........
on the way To Huck Finn's......

Right behind the Miss Albany Diner and Noche Lounge which are on Broadway 3 blocks south of Nipper the RCA dog.

During the week (Wednesday through Sunday) At The Warehouse is home to Silver Fox Architectural Salvage and antiques.

But on the weekends At The Warehouse comes alive.
Saturdays and Sundays you will find craft and artisan vendors representing pottery, jewelry, macrame, decoupage, decorative painting, vintage aprons, wood decor, home accessories and photography. Fine art by local artists is displayed throughout the building. You can have your cards read or take a yoga class.
The Artifacts Cafe offers a sandwich menu, fresh breads and an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Specialty food vendors sell tea, coffee, baked good, honey from Albany bees, goat cheese and yogurt, wine, fudge sauce, pickles and organic spices.
Browse Bluebird books for gently used children's books.
At The Warehouse has wireless Internet access everywhere on the premises.
Enjoy live music while you nosh and shop. This weekends entertainment will be provided by Patricia Kernan and Trilogy on Saturday and by Matt Dufree on Sunday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Weekend At The Warehouse 7/12-13, 2008

Summer in The City..........Hot sidewalks but cold refreshing beverages and cool live music make At The Warehouse a Summer place to be. This weekends entertainment will be provided by Steve Smith on Saturday and Mike Thomas on Sunday.

Joe at The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company says that tea is a healthy alternative to soda and is refreshing on a hot day. Stop by and try one of their 70 varieties iced or as a bubble tea. Traditionalists can still get a hot cup if they prefer. The Good Leaf features a different tea each weekend but Joe will custom brew any of the teas for you. You can also purchase The Good Leaf's teas to brew at home. Visit Joe, Michelle and EJ weekends At The Warehouse and 7 days a week at their 274 Lark Street store.

Sophisti-catering has moved in and is offering a refreshing summer menu of salads and sandwiches.

Allysson of Dreaming Lion Tarot will read your cards on Saturday.

Tiana Maron of Delmar Massage will be offering chair massages At The Warehouse Sunday.

It's not too late to stop by Bluebird Books with your summer reading list to receive a free book (up to $2.50) value. Offer good until August 31st.

At The Warehouse is featuring Diva Pins and Adjustable book thongs hand made by Those Crafty Teachers. 10% of every sale is donated to Literacy Volunteers of Rensselaer County.

The FamiLee Jewels will be closed on Saturday to celebrate Freddy J's first birthday. They will return on Sunday with pictures, stories and leftover birthday cake as well as their fabulous jewelry.

Sistahs Vintage Aprons will be in attendance at the annual Shaker Heritage Society Craft Show on July 12-13.

Save the date: You will want to visit At The Warehouse on July 27Th. Peter Heffernan will be offering free into to "Joe Yoga" yoga for regular folks of all ages. Details to follow.

Please note that At The Warehouse will be closed the weekends of August 23-24 and August 30-31 for Summer Holiday. Our vendors will return the weekend of September 6-7.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This Weekend At The Warehouse 7/5-6/2008

Happy July 4Th everyone. I wish you beautiful weather, great picnics, and fabulous fireworks! At The Warehouse will be open this weekend. Those of you not traveling for the Holiday come down and join us!!! We will be celebrating our fine Local products.
Cascade Mountain Winery from Armenia, New York is represented At The Warehouse with a great selection of wines, olive oil and mustard's.
Spacy Tracy's Pickles from Rhinebeck, New York has a great variety of pickles and pickled vegetables. "They're out of this world".
Sundaes Best of Saratoga Springs, New York says make your ice cream sundaes the greatest with the best hot fudge sauce ever. Try their new line of flavors, Howard's Hazelnut, Russell's Landing Raspberry, Olivia's Orange, and Marilyn's Mint.
The Good leaf Gourmet Tea Company, Albany's first boutique tea company, will be featuring their delicious iced and hot teas in 70 varieties. They will also have Bubble teas, "Sweet Tart Fizz", and "Jasmine Champagne". Stop in and get refreshed with a healthy tea-based drink.
Bees on Earth has local honey from downtown Albany.
Sean O'Connor has yogurt and specialty goat milk cheeses made locally at Four Brothers Dairy Goat Farm in Millerton, New York.
Allysson of Dreaming Lion Tarot will read your cards on Saturday.
Try on some vintage style aprons at Sistahs.
Stop in at The FamiLee Jewels and see their new chain maille designs.
Say Hi to Richard and Margaret at Apothecary Rose Shed. Try some of their great spice blends for your summer Barbecue.
It's not too late to stop by Bluebird Books with your summer reading list to receive a free book (up to $2.50) value. Offer good until August 31st.
Mark Davenport will be entertaining us on Sunday with his great mix of rock, blues and of course the Beatles.
Have a safe and Enjoyable Holiday---and for those of you staying Local this weekend Come on down to At the Warehouse Albany’s only year-round Multi Functional Market within the city boundaries.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Weekend At The Warehouse June 28-29

Carol Dratch-Kovler creates crafts that reflect her many interests. Carol is a macrame' artist. Her planters, plant hangers and jewelry are delightfully textured.

Carol is a decoupage artist. She covers recipe boxes and books with graphically pleasing can labels and garden journals with beautiful seed packets.

Carol is an extraordinary gardener. She offers her own paper hand made with flowers. She has framed mats with pressed flowers in them. Carol is also offering a large selection of seeds and plants from her garden. Plants include zinnias, violets, ageratum, morning glories, larkspur, sunflower, iris, Siberian iris, black-eyed susans, daisies, verbena, delphinium and phlox.

Carol also sells cut flowers hand picked from her garden.

Feel free to ask her for advice on gardening or her many crafts.

Cascade Winery invites you to try their 2007 100% certified organic olive oil. The oil is from a first cold pressing in an amazing process that takes only 90 minutes from pick to press. The oil is then shipped overnight from California to the winery in Armenia, New York where it is finished and bottled. $20 per bottle.

Richard of Apothecary Rose Shed tells me that his green raisins and spice blends are being used by Sophisti-catering in their recipes now.

Sophisti-catering has moved in and is offering a refreshing summer menu of salads and sandwiches. Please stop by and welcome them.

Sistahs Vintage Aprons will be in attendance at the annual Shaker Heritage Society Craft Show on July 12-13.

It's not too late to stop by Bluebird Books with your summer reading list to receive a free book (up to $2.50) value. Offer good until August 31st.

This weekend stop in at The Good Leaf tea shop to sample their featured Sweet Tart iced tea. Michelle and Joe have 2 new tea drinks Sweet Tart Fizz and Jasmine Champagne for your summer refreshment. Bubble teas are still available. Try one of their 70 tea varieties hot or iced. You may also visit The Good Leaf in their second location at 274 Lark Street in Albany.

The FamiLee Jewels had a wonderful time at Art on Lark and will be happy to be home at The Warehouse this weekend. Come in and say hello to Bonnie as she works on her new gemstone ring designs.

Tiana Maron of Delmar Massage will be offering chair massages At The Warehouse Sunday June 29Th.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Weekend At The Warehouse June 21-22, 2008

Sean O'Connor --Four Brother's Dairy
Sean O'Connor has made cheeses for Old Chatham Shepherding Co., F. Capiello Dairy Products Inc., and now he makes his artisan cheeses at the Four Brother's Dairy Goat Farm.
Their range of products include traditional Greek offerings (Feta and Haloumi), French style Che'vre and Che'vre based spreads, Greek yogurt, Italian style cow's milk cheese, ricotta, and Sean's own original hard goat milk cheeses.
Many of Four Brother's products are featured in the finest restaurants in the Capital Region and in New York City.
Recently chef Mario Batali, began incorporating Sean's Greek yogurt into the menu at his New York restaurant Babbo.
Four Brother's products are available at local gourmet stores and Farmer's Market's but if you want to meet Sean or his Mom Lynne and get their personal recommendations you'll need to see them Saturday's At The Warehouse from 10-3.
Sean also offers home cheese making classes At The Warehouse. For a review of their products go to

At The Warehouse welcomes Alyson of Dreaming Lion Tarot. Alyson has a metaphysical shop that features tarot decks, hand crafted dream catchers, pendulums, crystals, and jewelry. Alyson does Tarot card readings.

Tiana Maron of Delmar Massage will be offering chair massages At The Warehouse starting Saturday June 21st.

At The Warehouse welcomes Thomas and Nicole Lynch of Sophisti-catering. The Lynches are offering a delightful weekend menu for eat in or take out.

Cascade Mountain Winery is featuring their Summertide wine. It is a semi dry white made with Seyval and Vidal grapes. You will find it light yet spicy with a lingering taste of fruit. Pair Summertide with salads, chicken or fruit for a warm weather picnic or light meal.

Susan Ruscitto invites you to view her photographs while you are visiting At The Warehouse. You will find her still life's, landscapes, and vignettes displayed on the outside wall of the Tea shop.

The Good Leaf tea shop announces the opening of their second store at 274 Lark Street in Albany. Cool off with iced teas and Bubble tea in either location. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. The Good leaf offers 70 kinds of loose leaf tea for your enjoyment by the cupful or for your home use.

The FamiLee Jewels will be at Art on Lark Saturday June 21st. Stop by and say hello. We will be open At The Warehouse on Sunday.

It's time for summer reading. Bring your summer reading list to Bluebird Books and receive a free book (up to a $2.50 value). Offer ends August 31st. Bluebird Books offers affordable, gently used books and locally handcrafted gifts for children.

Ethan and Lars Turin have been working together on a sculpture made of welded steel and clay with a concrete pedestal. It will be finished soon and is being donated to The Schenectady Museum in time for their fundraising event June 20Th. Ethan and Lars have done a masterful job and this work of art is just the beginning of a fantastic journey. Pictures of the completed form are available at

Bees on Earth invites you to try their Spun Honey. Spun honey is a type of crystallized honey that has been specially blended to bring about the creamy texture of the product. It's pure honey, but it almost has a buttery flavor all by itself! $9.00 for and 8 oz. jar or $12.00 for the whole pound jar.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Weekend At The Warehouse June 14th - 15th, 2008

Cindy Barclay of Bees on Earth has been making the news lately. She along with her husband Ken have been Albany Beekeepers for 7 years. They sell honey that is made by Albany bees that gather pollen from city parks, boulevards, and gardens. Bees on Earth offers Seasonal honey, whole honeycomb, comb honey, spun honey and raw honey.
In addition to their honey Bees on Earth offers honey dispensers, gift baskets, beeswax tapers and votives, all natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, and sugar scrubs.
Bees on Earth also sells Cindy’s home baked cookies and muffins as well as delicious fair trade coffee----traditionally prepared and iced.
Cindy and Ken are part of a growing community of Urban Beekeepers. They were recently interviewed for an Associated Press article praising the trend as a unique and beneficial relationship for bees, beekeepers and cities.
Visit Cindy at Bees on Earth to sample this wonderful local product.
To read the Associated Press article:
To view a slide show of photos of Cindy and her bees:

Other news:
Richard at Apothecary Rose now carries dried fruits. He is offering mangos, blueberries, cherries, strawberries apricots, pineapples, raspberries, and cranberries. Enjoy them on their own or to top a fresh summer salad.

The FamiLee Jewels are featuring summertime jewelry. Come in and check out our new selection of ankle bracelets and sea glass pendants.

Sistahs Vintage Aprons has been invited to participate in the Friends of the Greenville Annual fundraiser craft fair Saturday June 14th.

Carol Dratch-Kovler is offering beautiful plants and cut flowers from her home garden. Stop by to see her zinnias, violets, ageratum, morning glories, larkspur, sunflowers, iris, black eyed susans, daisies, verbena, delphiniums and phlox. Carol is also happy to discuss your garden and give advice.

The Good Leaf says “Iced tea season is here!” All of their teas are available iced. Stop in and try them. Bubble tea has come to the Capital Region and is available at The Good Leaf. Look for the grand opening of their second location on Lark Street.

Silver Fox has just filled the yard with U. S. made concrete garden statuary. The variety includes dogs, cats, gargoyles, urns, buddas, birdbaths, classical and religious. Drive by, take a look and of course stop in for some food, fun and live music on the weekend.

This weeks live entertainment will be provided by Dave Render on Saturday and Tom Keeler on Sunday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Silver Fox has now made 3 trips to Brooklyn Flea: New York City's newest and largest flea market. The mix of vendors has morphed into a decorators wonderland. Everything from reconfigured chairs to vintage and antique furniture and collectibles. There are quite a few artists and loads of new designer and vintage clothing as well. The initial uproar over the "onezies" has disappeared. It's definitely a destination. Though nothing compares in terms of atmosphere to AT THE WAREHOUSE, Brookly Flea does have a great energy. The crowds are between 6,000 and 8,000 on a Sunday. We are looking to our next trip in June when we bring down some of the new wrought iron and furniture.

Silver Fox Enterprises New Stock

Silver Fox Enterprises just got in a truck load of antique wrought iron gates that came from London, England. They come in various sizes and shapes, single or pairs and about 40 pieces total. Prices start from $120.00. They can make a great headboard or garden decoration. Drive by our lot and see them hugging the fence. Soon they will be placed on the website at .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Animal Awareness Day AT THE WAREHOUSE

This Saturday, April 26th is going to be GIGANTIC. The Albany Public Library is putting together the ANIMAL AWARENESS DAY and they have chosen to host it AT THE WAREHOUSE. Bring the kids, bring the Grandparents. It's about all kinds of critters: Llamas & Alpacas, Police horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and more.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Silver Fox's Maiden Voyage to Brooklyn Flea

Last Sunday, April 6th, Fred & Camille attended the opening of Brooklyn Flea, NYC's most recent and largest upscale flea market. 20,000 people attended and though there was much enthusiasm and some mixed reviews about what was being sold it was a great day for Silver Fox. There was a great need for high quality home decor and antique and used furniture. The 10x20 foot booth was packed and we were able to sell 75% of what we brought down. We are already stocking up on more furniture and will have to get back in the shop to make more shelves. The biggest his was one of the amusement park cars as kids lined up to sit in it and have their photos taken by their parents. We will be back on April 27th. To learn more about Brooklyn Flea, visit their website at . For a first go, Eric Demby and Johnathon Butler and volunteer staff deserve an upstate style pat on the back. It's amazing how critical the local New Yorker's are compared to how much praise we get for opening At The Warehouse. On last note, on of the reporters for The New York Times interviewed us and hopefully Silver Fox will be mentioned in the Sunday issue. Keep an eye out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kudos to Silver Fox

Silver Fox Architectural Salvage, ,home decor division took a trip to NYC today to drop off some of their finest wares at New York Magazine. They are going to appear in an article about Brooklyn Flea, a new market starting on April 6th. Out of the 100+ vendors, the were selected as part of the top 10 to gain mention in the article, due to come out March 24th. Let's hope it brings them more business.

Kudos to Silver Fox

Silver Fox Architectural Salvage, ,home decor division took a trip to NYC today to drop off some of their finest wares at New York Magazine. They are going to appear in an article about Brooklyn Flea, a new market starting on April 6th. Out of the 100+ vendors, the were selected as part of the top 10 to gain mention in the article, due to come out March 24th. Let's hope it brings them more business.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Vendors for Outdoor Market

We are looking for new vendors to help fill our outdoor market. This would include farmers, woodworkers, antique and vintage dealers, used furniture and bicycle sellers, artisans of all kinds and perhaps a Tarot Card and palm reader. If interested contact Camille at 518- 207-5602

Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting A Makeover

The East wall is occupied by the combination of Bee's On Earth, Buns In The Oven and Gifties. Camille and Lars worked hard painting the back wall and enhancing the fabulous Bee's On Earth sign, made by Cindy Barcaly, by installing it up upon two pillars that were once part of the Child's Hospital reception area. It looks great. We are waiting on the final touches and hope it will be completed by next week.

The Artifact's Cafe is improving week by week. The comments have all be favorable and we look forward to expanding the menu. Suggestions are also appreciated.

We look forward to another great weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today was an exceptional day. The Times Union article about Silver Fox architectural salvage and home decor and the publicity behind the Valentine's Day special event resulted in hundreds of new people exploring our venue. There were times when the crowds were so thick, moving about was difficult. People were on their cellphones telling friends and family "you have to come down and see this place." The energy was phenomenal and I talked to each and every vendor and they were all pleased to see so many new people. Of course our regular and appreciated customers showed up which made for a great balance. A huge thank you goes to Laura from Bluebird books for organizing the Valentine's Day Love and Chocolate day. Perry was working the new soup and sandwich bar and "called for help" as the crowds pushed him to capacity. Our resident artist Amy, quickly switched roles and hungry bellies were quieted quickly. Comments on the food have been positive and Camille made her wonderful vegetarian Chile. We hope for the same tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where have you been blogger?

Wow, it's been a long time since the last post was written. What's going on down there? Well, the crowds are bigger, the parking lot gets full at times, plenty of new and inquisitive people and we are looking forward to the warm weather when we can open up the South lot to vendors.

There should be a TU article coming out on Saturday 2/9/08 about Silver Fox home decor business.

Also starting on April 6th, Silver Fox Architectural Salvage will have a monthly presence at "Brooklyn Flea," a new and NYC's largest flea market. If, or rather when, that is successful, we are planning to invite the vendors at AT THE WAREHOUSE to also have a presence. One person will drive down the assorted wares and represent all willing aspects of the market from food to tea.

AT THE WAREHOUSE also now has a soup and sandwich bar, operated by the infamous Perry. The menu for next Saturday will be a continuation of the popular turkey, roasted red pepper and swiss cheese sandwich; Alaskan salmon sandwich and of course two new soups.

Come on down and enjoy the music, the fun, the energy.