Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting A Makeover

The East wall is occupied by the combination of Bee's On Earth, Buns In The Oven and Gifties. Camille and Lars worked hard painting the back wall and enhancing the fabulous Bee's On Earth sign, made by Cindy Barcaly, by installing it up upon two pillars that were once part of the Child's Hospital reception area. It looks great. We are waiting on the final touches and hope it will be completed by next week.

The Artifact's Cafe is improving week by week. The comments have all be favorable and we look forward to expanding the menu. Suggestions are also appreciated.

We look forward to another great weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today was an exceptional day. The Times Union article about Silver Fox architectural salvage and home decor and the publicity behind the Valentine's Day special event resulted in hundreds of new people exploring our venue. There were times when the crowds were so thick, moving about was difficult. People were on their cellphones telling friends and family "you have to come down and see this place." The energy was phenomenal and I talked to each and every vendor and they were all pleased to see so many new people. Of course our regular and appreciated customers showed up which made for a great balance. A huge thank you goes to Laura from Bluebird books for organizing the Valentine's Day Love and Chocolate day. Perry was working the new soup and sandwich bar and "called for help" as the crowds pushed him to capacity. Our resident artist Amy, quickly switched roles and hungry bellies were quieted quickly. Comments on the food have been positive and Camille made her wonderful vegetarian Chile. We hope for the same tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where have you been blogger?

Wow, it's been a long time since the last post was written. What's going on down there? Well, the crowds are bigger, the parking lot gets full at times, plenty of new and inquisitive people and we are looking forward to the warm weather when we can open up the South lot to vendors.

There should be a TU article coming out on Saturday 2/9/08 about Silver Fox home decor business.

Also starting on April 6th, Silver Fox Architectural Salvage will have a monthly presence at "Brooklyn Flea," a new and NYC's largest flea market. If, or rather when, that is successful, we are planning to invite the vendors at AT THE WAREHOUSE to also have a presence. One person will drive down the assorted wares and represent all willing aspects of the market from food to tea.

AT THE WAREHOUSE also now has a soup and sandwich bar, operated by the infamous Perry. The menu for next Saturday will be a continuation of the popular turkey, roasted red pepper and swiss cheese sandwich; Alaskan salmon sandwich and of course two new soups.

Come on down and enjoy the music, the fun, the energy.