Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting A Makeover

The East wall is occupied by the combination of Bee's On Earth, Buns In The Oven and Gifties. Camille and Lars worked hard painting the back wall and enhancing the fabulous Bee's On Earth sign, made by Cindy Barcaly, by installing it up upon two pillars that were once part of the Child's Hospital reception area. It looks great. We are waiting on the final touches and hope it will be completed by next week.

The Artifact's Cafe is improving week by week. The comments have all be favorable and we look forward to expanding the menu. Suggestions are also appreciated.

We look forward to another great weekend.

1 comment:

Kelly Hills said...

The place is looking really, really lovely! I always look forward to stopping in on the weekends just to see the transformation that's occurred from one week to the next.