Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Silver Fox's Maiden Voyage to Brooklyn Flea

Last Sunday, April 6th, Fred & Camille attended the opening of Brooklyn Flea, NYC's most recent and largest upscale flea market. 20,000 people attended and though there was much enthusiasm and some mixed reviews about what was being sold it was a great day for Silver Fox. There was a great need for high quality home decor and antique and used furniture. The 10x20 foot booth was packed and we were able to sell 75% of what we brought down. We are already stocking up on more furniture and will have to get back in the shop to make more shelves. The biggest his was one of the amusement park cars as kids lined up to sit in it and have their photos taken by their parents. We will be back on April 27th. To learn more about Brooklyn Flea, visit their website at . For a first go, Eric Demby and Johnathon Butler and volunteer staff deserve an upstate style pat on the back. It's amazing how critical the local New Yorker's are compared to how much praise we get for opening At The Warehouse. On last note, on of the reporters for The New York Times interviewed us and hopefully Silver Fox will be mentioned in the Sunday issue. Keep an eye out.

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