Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not The Mall, and proud of it.

The Vendors At The Warehouse are not your everyday sales clerks. When you browse our unique and friendly environment you are talking to the creators of the lovely handcrafted products that you are admiring.

Stop at The Dreaming Lion. Allison will tell you how she handcrafts the beautiful dream catchers that are inspired by her mothers Native American heritage.

Talk to Mauri at Sistah's vintage aprons. Mauri has designed her products to represent different decades of American history. her aprons have names and she will introduce you.

Jules and Cindy of Bee's on Earth will invite you to sample honey from Albany bees. Honey that Urban Beekeepers Cindy and her husband Ken harvest from the hives that they keep.

Lars Turin will talk to you about the physical and creative processes that it takes to complete one of his fabulous bowls.
Bonnie, Becky and Ella at The FamiLee Jewels can tell you the story of the jewelry that interests you....what it's made of and what inspired it, because they make it themselves.

Andrea will be knitting or crocheting as she explains the benefits of her beautiful hats and scarves.

Taquiah's enthusiasm for her herbal and floral body lotions and oils is hard to resist. She believes in Body and Soul products because she makes them.
At The Warehouse also offers locally grown and bottled specialty food items including Sundaes Best fudge sauces, Spacey Tracey pickles, mustard and olive oil from Cascade Mountain Wineries and Dominick's organic pasta sauces.

Camille and Fred can tell you where they found all the wonderful antiques and salvage items that they sell in the Warehouse.

Meet Amy Pollicino the staff artist responsible for many of the embellished items sold by Silver Fox .

Visit At The Warehouse this last shopping weekend before Christmas. You will be pleased to find high quality, artisan produced goods sold in a unique and friendly environment.
By the way bring your appetite, because Tom and Nicole of Sophisti-Catering have been making some fabulous soups and breads for their cold weather menu.

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