Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weathering The Financial Storm

Like a huge grey cloud in the distance, reaching towards the upper limits of the atmosphere, we know the storm isn't far away. That's how the current financial crisis is for those not affected yet. Though twinges of it have hit AT THE WAREHOUSE, I don't think we have felt the impact of other businesses. What can we do to keep the people coming. I have a few suggestions. First, staying unique and evolving to fit the times. Let customer know that most of what is found there can only be found there, whether it's jewelry, furniture, local honey, custom made aprons, or antiques. If you want jewelry everyone else is wearing, then the mall is for you. Keep prices reasonable. Money is tighter than ever and value is appreciated. Remain friendly and engage the people who come in. Not to lure them to your booth, but to find out how they heard of us. Let them know about the place and that food is available. Then let them wander. Our silent policy has always been not to be a "car salesman." See what it did to the big three? Just kidding. And always remember to promote the place. If every vendor can attract two new people per month, our growth will be noticed. Take some flyers and find a local spot to leave them (with permission). Thanks. Fred


Bonnie said...

Fred those are good ideas. If I may make a couple of suggestions also. The last time I had our business cards printed I paid a little extra and had printed on the back "Visit our weekend storefront weekends At The Wraehouse 20 Learned St Albany NY".
When we do shows outside of the warehouse we put a flyer for the warehouse and a post card that gives the purchaser 10% off their purchase if they visit The FamiLee Jewels At The Warehouse.
It's good for all of us to promote each other.

North Albany Blogger said...

Absolutely, 10% is a reasonable and standard "perk" for repeat, and at times new, customers. On eBay, by the time I finish with their fees and PAYPALs, I've coughed up 20%.

I like the idea about the back of the card.