Monday, October 13, 2008

Upcycle, Restyle and Repurpose

Upcycle, Restyle, Repurpose...............Whether your intentions are green, decorative or artistic At The Warehouse is home to many opportunities for those with the imagination to look with a different eye. Take a walk around At The Warehouse and you will see many examples of such imagination.

There are farm tables made of salvaged columns and old silo wood, trimmed out with molding stripped from buildings scheduled for demolition.

You will see old wooden picture frames painted and given new life as a mirror.

Odds and ends of decorative molding and hardware have been turned into hanging shelves and racks.

Keys from an old piano become a decorative statement when grouped in a pleasing manor.

Antique cabinet hardware is incorporated into Salvaged Style Jewelry.

Pieces of a stained glass window are used to frame a mirror.

Take a walk around At The Warehouse and let your imagination take flight.

In other news:
Sean O'Connor will be teaching a Beginners Cheese Making Class featuring a fresh mozzarella cheese demonstration Saturday October 25Th 1-4 PM At The Warehouse. Cost is $25 a person. Preregistration is appreciated but not required. You may contact Sean at 892-6701 or At The Warehouse at 431-0606.
Apothecary Rose Shed will be closing it's At The Warehouse store October 25Th. Stop by and stock up on herbs and spices for you winter and Holiday meals. Richard and Margaret have special sale prices on their remaining merchandise.

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North Albany Blogger said...

Apothecary Rose shed is currently seeking to sell the business and has one interested buyer. Anyone else out there who needs some spice in their life? It's a great opportunity to pick up the business and expand to include other food related items.