Monday, November 19, 2007

A Message To Merchants

It was quite a busy weekend AT THE WAREHOUSE. We are grateful for the "regulars" who continue to love the place and see it as one of their weekend destinations. Why do people come back? One way to find out to is to get to know them and ask. And there is one question I ask you to ask yourself: What have I done today that will make more people aware of this place? Have I invited someone new, collected or sent an email, made a contact, sent a press release, responded on a local blog. We need that personal connection to our customers. Advertising alone will not be enough (leave that to the big box stores) and collectively we can make this a frequent weekend stop for many. It's more than word of mouth, it's word from a friend or friendly stranger.

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Bonnie said...

Today I sent an email to everyone on The FamiLee Jewels mailing list reminding them to shop At The Warehouse on Friday. After all our Mallternative shopping experience will be better for your blood pressure and your frustration level. The Warehouse atmosphere is conducive to good health. Just step into the tea house and bask in the glow of the salt lamp while sipping some of Michelle's Yummy Biscotti tea while Mark is singing Sweet Melissa. You'll see.
Yesterday Ella of The FamiLee Jewels went to Joys Deli at 80 Wolf Road, Albany. Joyce is interested in having vendors of quality merchandise come into her shop which is open 7-3:30 weekdays and set up a table. One vendor per day. She asks for 15% of sales. This is a very reasonable rate. She will advertise the daily vendor in the specials flyer that she faxes and emails to the 3 office buildings that patronize her cafe. The FamiLee Jewels will be taking her up on her offer. We feel that this is a good way to get more exposure for the Warehouse. We will use the opportunity to pass out Warehouse Flyers with our business cards. For now this opportunity is only between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I hope that all Warehouse artisan vendors will seriously consider this offer.