Friday, November 16, 2007

Sales for Cascade Wines Increasing

We are pleased to announce that sales of wine from Cascade Mountain Winery have been steadily increasing over the past few months. Their main sales venue, the Troy Waterfront Market, has moved indoors for the season and they have a long established year-round customer base there. Now they have a second home in the Capital District and sales AT THE WAREHOUSE are starting to approach those at the indoor Troy Market. We believe that a good product will always draw a solid customer base and they are one of the staples at our Market. If you have yet to try their wines, come on down this weekend for a free sample. We hope George, from Cascade, will comment on some of the differences in the wines. If you have purchased or tried their wines, please comment. Remember KEEP IT LOCAL.

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FamiLeeJewels said...

I have enjoyed sampling the offerings of Cascade Mountain Winery At The Warehouse in Albany NY and have served several of them in my home. We have enjoyed both the Summertide and the Vintage Private Reserve White. Our Thanksgiving table will be made complete with the Harvest Rose. Thank you Cascade Mountain for a fine local product.