Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At The Warehouse Expanding Outdoor Market

Starting the first weekend in June 2009, the outdoor lot facing N. Ferry street will be transformed into a weekend Flea Market. Plans are to install 10 to 12 mini storage bins to accommodate vendors who wish to return weekly. The name for this new venue: ALBANY Flea, of course. You can follow the progress on the new website

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not The Mall, and proud of it.

The Vendors At The Warehouse are not your everyday sales clerks. When you browse our unique and friendly environment you are talking to the creators of the lovely handcrafted products that you are admiring.

Stop at The Dreaming Lion. Allison will tell you how she handcrafts the beautiful dream catchers that are inspired by her mothers Native American heritage.

Talk to Mauri at Sistah's vintage aprons. Mauri has designed her products to represent different decades of American history. her aprons have names and she will introduce you.

Jules and Cindy of Bee's on Earth will invite you to sample honey from Albany bees. Honey that Urban Beekeepers Cindy and her husband Ken harvest from the hives that they keep.

Lars Turin will talk to you about the physical and creative processes that it takes to complete one of his fabulous bowls.
Bonnie, Becky and Ella at The FamiLee Jewels can tell you the story of the jewelry that interests you....what it's made of and what inspired it, because they make it themselves.

Andrea will be knitting or crocheting as she explains the benefits of her beautiful hats and scarves.

Taquiah's enthusiasm for her herbal and floral body lotions and oils is hard to resist. She believes in Body and Soul products because she makes them.
At The Warehouse also offers locally grown and bottled specialty food items including Sundaes Best fudge sauces, Spacey Tracey pickles, mustard and olive oil from Cascade Mountain Wineries and Dominick's organic pasta sauces.

Camille and Fred can tell you where they found all the wonderful antiques and salvage items that they sell in the Warehouse.

Meet Amy Pollicino the staff artist responsible for many of the embellished items sold by Silver Fox .

Visit At The Warehouse this last shopping weekend before Christmas. You will be pleased to find high quality, artisan produced goods sold in a unique and friendly environment.
By the way bring your appetite, because Tom and Nicole of Sophisti-Catering have been making some fabulous soups and breads for their cold weather menu.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weathering The Financial Storm

Like a huge grey cloud in the distance, reaching towards the upper limits of the atmosphere, we know the storm isn't far away. That's how the current financial crisis is for those not affected yet. Though twinges of it have hit AT THE WAREHOUSE, I don't think we have felt the impact of other businesses. What can we do to keep the people coming. I have a few suggestions. First, staying unique and evolving to fit the times. Let customer know that most of what is found there can only be found there, whether it's jewelry, furniture, local honey, custom made aprons, or antiques. If you want jewelry everyone else is wearing, then the mall is for you. Keep prices reasonable. Money is tighter than ever and value is appreciated. Remain friendly and engage the people who come in. Not to lure them to your booth, but to find out how they heard of us. Let them know about the place and that food is available. Then let them wander. Our silent policy has always been not to be a "car salesman." See what it did to the big three? Just kidding. And always remember to promote the place. If every vendor can attract two new people per month, our growth will be noticed. Take some flyers and find a local spot to leave them (with permission). Thanks. Fred

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 Days Until Christmas

At The Warehouse can help you with your Holiday shopping. Our unique vendors sell quality handcrafted items that are locally produced.

Honey it's cold outside so heat things up with one of Body and Soul's silky sweet smelling body wash and lotions. They come in an array of scents such as kiwi, cucumber melon and mango madness. Gift sets are available for the Holidays. bath oils and bodywashes set in beautiful bottles provide just the sparkle to say I love you.

The FamiLee Jewels invite you to shop their selection of wire wrapped and beaded jewelry for the ladies on your list. They are including special holiday packaging for a beautiful presentation.

Carol Kovler's Christmas Narcissus packaged in collectible pottery would make a great hostess gift. Just add water and grow.

Book's from Bluebird Bookshop make excellant stocking stuffers.

Andrea's knitwear is perfect for cold winter weather. Stop in and get a warm and cozy crocheted hat or scarf for yourself or your little one. Andrea has fruit an veggie hats made from super thick acrylic yarn-totally cute and completely washable. She also offers brand new and great for gift giving- felted soaps. A bar of handmade soap is felted into a small pouch. The wool is hypoallergenic and makes a great exfolliant, plus it shrinks with the soap so it's always a perfect fit.

Avoid the mall and shop in a fun and friendly atmosphere with plenty of up close parking and products that are sure to please.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comments From The Owner

It's been 1 1/2 years since we opened AT THE WAREHOUSE in June of 2007. Since then we have had a diverse group of vendors. Some have moved on, others have been moved, some have grown, others have stagnated. It's the norm for any market. We are always hoping the vendors are successful; however, what determines that is so complex that it's hard to pinpoint the reason(s) for success or lack of it. Clearly there are three important factors: traffic, attitude and getting the word out. However, if the product isn't desirable then all the traffic will not result in exceptional sales. To that end we jury new vendors and their product.

Regarding the traffic, we had hoped that by now the crowds would be steadily increasing and predictable. Every week we get new people; but why don't we see more regular customers? We had been hoping to attract several hundred each Saturday and Sunday. We have a regular distribution of our flyer to hotels, ads in Metroland, and are listed in the Sunday Driver antiques directory which is found throughout the state. Other advertising venues, including local magazines were not found to be worthwhile. We have had probably more local newspaper coverage than most businesses with articles in the Times Union, Metroland, Business Review, Spotlight and Capital Region Living Magazine. Silver Fox has been getting 3,500 hits to the website monthly and is steadily on page two of a Google search.

Are there any opinions out there to enlighten us about the traffic issue? We welcome it. Our goal has always been to make this a great local destination.