Thursday, January 8, 2009

At The Warehouse, a place of surprises

You just never know what you will see At The Warehouse.

It is a place full of wonderful objects and interesting people.

A walk around the building will show you a life sized soft sculpture of Albert Einstein (that often has our cat Salvage sleeping in his lap), verdigrised pieces of the old Carnegie Mansion, and boxes of old clock parts.

Stop and chat with Carol Dratch-Kovler. She offers seeds and plants for sale as well as cards and decorative papers made with and decorated with flowers and seeds. She is happy to share her gardening expertise with you.

Bonnie and Ella of The FamiLee Jewels will tell you the story of any of their hand crafted jewelry pieces.

Allyson of Dreaming Lion Tarot is blessed with the gift of divination. Let her read your cards and help you with guidance for 2009.

Last Sunday At The Warehouse local Juggling performers Jeff Taveggia and his son Nick were practicing their craft. We totally enjoyed watching them toss the batons and Nick is quite accomplished on the unicycle! You can read more about Jeff and Nick, their Juggling and other bad habits at .

So stop down, peruse the treasures, have lunch in the Artifacts Cafe, you never know what you will find.


North Albany Blogger said...

Yes, it's true, you never know what you will find. Change is good. How often do you go to a place and it's the SOS (same old stuff -- fooled you). Not here. We also had another juggling team use the studio. Do you have a party or event you would like to hold there? Let us know. We have had yoga, CD release parties, reunion parties, jugglers, Salsa, and a woman's "body & soul" party. Give us a call.

Marie said...

I am working with a local non profit that is looking for a space to hold an event for a couple hundred people etheir Oct 29th or Nov 5. Please email me all of the info about having an event there, and your contact info so that I can pass it along.