Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Effects Of The Economy On Home Decor

A recent article in the NY Times
illustrates how the housing crisis has effected the home decor business. With a fall in retail sales and a significant decrease in advertising revenue, businesses and magazines are closing at accelerated rates.

Merchants AT THE WAREHOUSE have to inform the customers that buying local, buying quality reuse items is a better way to preserve value and bolster the local economy. When you buy local, more money stays in the community. Buy a dresser made in China and where does your money go? Some goes back to China, some to local employees and some to the business (which may be owned by a corporation outside this area). Buy one AT THE WAREHOUSE and where does your money go. Well, it was purchased from someone locally who sold it to us outright or at auction. We get the money and after business expenses, spend it at local restaurants and other businesses.

In these times, BUY LOCAL is more important than ever. Though in some areas you may spend a little more, but more comes back to the community.


Bonnie said...

Fred you make a very good point. Shopping locally At The Warehouse is a good idea for the local economy and for your own pocketbooks. Warehouse vendors and Silver Fox Architectural Salvage and Home Decor are known for their great prices as well as their customer service.

nelson mutua said...

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