Friday, January 30, 2009

Gardening in February

Gardening in February ! Okay, it's small scale but you'll go home with a lovely terrarium to hold you till May.
Silver Fox Salvage came across a number of glass domes at auction recently, similar to the classic "English Cloches" used for terrariums. Mix it up with some miniature plants, vintage dishware, salvaged finds and you have a unique garden scape to get you through the cold winter months.
The class will be taught by Cornell Cooperative Extension's master gardener, Audrey Hawkins. Saturday Feburary 21, 2009 from 1:30 - 3:00. Reservations are required. Please call Lynn or Camille, 518-431-0606
Workshop instruction is free. Basic materials: $20.00 (includes glass dome, plants and potting material, base is subject to choice). Any additional items you wish to bring or buy is up to you.
Come early and poke around for small salvage items to incorporate into your garden
Visit with our talented vendors.
Have lunch at the Artifacts Cafe.

Located: 20 Learned Street (behind the Miss Albany Diner). Albany NY, 12207

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day At The Warehouse

Valentines Day is just 2 weeks away.
Vendors At The Warehouse have plenty of ways for you to surprise the love of your life.

A loaf of bread a jug of wine and thou beside me......just don't forget the corkscrew! Let The FamiLee Jewels help you celebrate your love.
Valentine's Day is very special to Fred and I. It is our wedding anniversary and this year we will have been married 33 years.
The FamiLee Jewels is offering a special package in honor of Valentine's day.
We have paired one of Fred's hand crafted combination wine stop corkscrew tools, a pair of wine charms and a gift bag for your wine.
All you have to add is the wine and the Valentine.
$29 gift boxed.
We have corkscrews available in ebony, deer antler, tulip wood, zebra wood, and cocobolo.
The wine stopper portion of the tool screws onto the handle covering the corkscrew.
The wine stopper piece is made of chrome covered brass. It is durable, tarnish free and will not impart any taste to your wine. Available February 1st-14th.
Alyson of Dreaming Lion Tarot will do a couples reading for 20 dollars during the month of February. The regular price is 35 dollars.Let Alyson use her gift of divination to help you gain insight to your lives and your relationship.
Perhaps your Valentine would appreciate Home Decor items created by in house artists from salvage, unique crocheted items by Andrea, pottery by Lars Turin, or a Narcissus garden to remind them of Spring.

The Effects Of The Economy On Home Decor

A recent article in the NY Times
illustrates how the housing crisis has effected the home decor business. With a fall in retail sales and a significant decrease in advertising revenue, businesses and magazines are closing at accelerated rates.

Merchants AT THE WAREHOUSE have to inform the customers that buying local, buying quality reuse items is a better way to preserve value and bolster the local economy. When you buy local, more money stays in the community. Buy a dresser made in China and where does your money go? Some goes back to China, some to local employees and some to the business (which may be owned by a corporation outside this area). Buy one AT THE WAREHOUSE and where does your money go. Well, it was purchased from someone locally who sold it to us outright or at auction. We get the money and after business expenses, spend it at local restaurants and other businesses.

In these times, BUY LOCAL is more important than ever. Though in some areas you may spend a little more, but more comes back to the community.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

At The Warehouse, a place of surprises

You just never know what you will see At The Warehouse.

It is a place full of wonderful objects and interesting people.

A walk around the building will show you a life sized soft sculpture of Albert Einstein (that often has our cat Salvage sleeping in his lap), verdigrised pieces of the old Carnegie Mansion, and boxes of old clock parts.

Stop and chat with Carol Dratch-Kovler. She offers seeds and plants for sale as well as cards and decorative papers made with and decorated with flowers and seeds. She is happy to share her gardening expertise with you.

Bonnie and Ella of The FamiLee Jewels will tell you the story of any of their hand crafted jewelry pieces.

Allyson of Dreaming Lion Tarot is blessed with the gift of divination. Let her read your cards and help you with guidance for 2009.

Last Sunday At The Warehouse local Juggling performers Jeff Taveggia and his son Nick were practicing their craft. We totally enjoyed watching them toss the batons and Nick is quite accomplished on the unicycle! You can read more about Jeff and Nick, their Juggling and other bad habits at .

So stop down, peruse the treasures, have lunch in the Artifacts Cafe, you never know what you will find.